The more she tells her story, the more she can let go of it.  As she keeps changing the story, the story keeps changing her.   ~ Paolo Knill, Expressive Arts Practices Pioneer

Lauren Perotti is a sparkling speaker, author, and Destiny Designer Coach. Lauren blends together her 33 years of expertise, her passion and her creative approaches to guide professionals to align their lives and livelihoods with their highest vision and life purpose. Lauren knows firsthand that when you ignite the fire of your purpose, passion and power, you can truly make your life a masterpiece in ALL realms – a life you LOVE!  By teaching her clients how to tap into universal sources of energy, imagination and Light, they are able to free their creative spirit and and experience more joy and playfulness.

For ANYONE who desires more aliveness, Lauren can help you discover your Divine Design – your unique Soul Purpose. Then you will get a clearer vision for the life you would love, uncover and release limiting beliefs and other blocks that keep you stuck, and create an action plan so you can start moving in the direction of your dream life.  

Lauren has a unique blending of practical business and financial savvy combined with spiritual gifts of Divine channeling, intuition and healing, sprinkled throughout with passion and expertise for processes of creativity – all of which she uses to facilitate and guide transformation and development of full potential in those she serves.

It has been through her personal significant life-altering trials – including a sudden diagnosis of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia and subsequent year-long hospitalized isolation-unit bone marrow transplant treatment – that Lauren deepened even more into her ability to transform, and she has discovered essential elements for how to harness the light of hope in any darkness, heal from any dis-ease, awaken a dream, and manifest new life.

Lauren is about to launch her signature program, The Destiny Designer™. She also offers individual Soul Purpose Hand Analysis sessions as well as ongoing life coaching tailored to your needs.  She loves to speak about the topics of the Art and Science of Success, The Power of the Arts, and Life Purpose as a way to Wellness, and is available to speak at your events.

At her core, Lauren is a LightWorker – here to help you light your path to a richer life in every realm!

Contact her any time at 541-961-1210 or email.