Life-Purpose-resized Soul Purpose Hand Reading

Discover More About Your Divine Destiny! Soul Purpose Hand analysis is a combination of ancient palmistry, the latest scientific data and current advances in human psychology and philosophy.  It is both an art and a science, based on hundreds of thousands of patterns derived from prints and lines in human hands.  Unlike some forms of palmistry, this hand reading is not used as fortune telling, but as a very specific lens through which to deeply understand your Life Purpose, Lessons, and specific gifts you may also have to further serve the mission your Soul chose.

With your personal reading, you will discover:

* Your Soul’s Life Purpose – your Soul’s contract with the universe for your Divine purpose here on Earth, Your Destiny.
* Your Life Lesson – your weak or vulnerable spot; it’s often hard to see and it can keep tripping you up until you become aware of it.
* Your particular spiritual foundation here on Earth, otherwise known as your Life School, which is designed to help you develop the skills you will need to fulfill your Life Purpose.
* The key to how you can manifest your goals and dreams – it’s in your thumbs.
* Your other lines and potential gift markings on your hands – which further influence ways for you to serve your Soul mission.
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TDD logoThe Destiny Designer™

Individual or Group Coaching Program

This 3-part premier program guides you to make your life a purposeful, passionate, playful masterpiece!

You are alive and here to express and live a unique purpose. This is your essential essence, your Divine Destiny, which can be activated by aligning with abundant and infinite sources of energy, imagination and Light. When you reconnect with your highest vision and reignite your passion for living, you are freer to actualize and live your life and livelihood in any direction you dream – without sacrificing your soul.

This program weaves together a multi-modal mix of wisdom and power from the realms of Chakra energy and light channels, nature’s elements, Angelic guidance, creative arts disciplines, and symbolic and archetypal imagery. And – you will experience more joy, beauty, balance, and light within, and in your relationships!

This program gives you creative, practical and spiritual practices that will guide you to:

      * Connect with infinite sources of energy and light so you can feel more empowered, energized and enlightened.

      * Write a personal mission statement and LifePlay Plan in alignment with your Soul purpose.

      * Discover YOUR kingdom of heaven that is available in the here and now.

      * Free your creative spirit – tap your imagination, play, create and recreate.

      * Hone your authentic voice and speak your truth with confidence in any situation.

      * Shift your thinking and perceptions to open the way for clear decision-making. 

      * Create a vision of a life you love and manifest it into reality.

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angelsAngel Reading

You don’t have to subscribe to any religion to believe in the existence of angels and other light beings. The term “angel” is more of our earthly human word for these multi-dimensional beings of light that serve as protectors, guardians, divine messengers and more. In addition to earthly assistance from family and friends, you have a vast array of heavenly guides that are available to team with you so you can maximize your ability to achieve your desired results. For many of us, it may be hard to ask for help. Yet these Light beings are always ready to shower you with Divine wisdom.

An Angel reading with Lauren, a Divine channel for Angel wisdom, you can:

  * Invite the angels to enter your life to guide you in any way you want.

  * Receive Divinely symbolic wisdom and answers to your specific life questions.

  * Deepen your understanding of relationship with particular angels.

   * Develop your higher consciousness and intuition skills.

   * Know and feel more deeply that you are not alone.

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