Why Be Alive if You’re Not Really Living?

Lauren Perotti is The Passionate Advocate for Personal Power and Creative Inspiration. Tapping the many life-altering trials through which she has triumphed, Lauren shares the essential elements she has learned for how to ignite your brilliance, discover your purpose and live and lead prosperously – without sacrificing your Soul! Lauren’s sparkly manner and passionate talks that center around your true source of personal power will inspire your audiences and participants to step up and truly claim the life and purpose they desire and are here to serve. Her experience touches Corporate, Entrepreneurial and Personal pursuits, from the whole brain – so she easily speaks to audiences from all realms.

Signature Speaking Topics

* Seven Sacred Flames to Light Your Path With Passion and Playful Prosperity

* Make Life a MasterPeace ~ How to Reconnect with Your Highest Vision, Re-Ignite Your Passion and Lead by Light

* Harness Hope, Awaken Your Dream, and Live Prosperously ~ Discover the 5 Essential Elements

* Accelerate Your Results ~ Discover 3 Keys to Create Your Future Now!

* Free Your Creative Spirit ~ The Power of Imagination and Creative Expression to Change Your Life

* Chiaroscuro – Discover Your Brightest Light Through Your Darkest Night

* You Can Heal From Anything ~ How to Ignite Your Own Healing Power

Lauren offers inspiration, motivation and practical, proactive tips for your audience to advance confidently in the direction of their dream, live boldly and creatively and  – most importantly, to never give up!  

Contact Lauren today @ 415-686-2169 to book her to speak at your meeting or event.  Lauren’s talks are easily adaptable for shorter talks, keynote addresses, break out meetings, workshops and more.