Here’s what some people are saying!

“There are just some people in this world with genuine joie de vivre. Lauren Perotti is one of them. Her resilient spirit shines through her eyes; her love of creativity permeates everything she does; her profound life story inspires both clients and students to live their lives with more courage and passion than they ever dreamed possible. Lauren is more than a counselor or teacher; she is a transmitter of Faith. Anyone who feels drawn to working with her should honor the call, and be open to embarking on a grand adventure!” 

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.
Artist/Author, Spiritual Counselor & Blossoming Expert
Berkeley, CA

“Lauren Perotti has a compelling story to tell about the risks that come when you are not living in alignment with your true purpose. She delivers her message with clarity and passion as she speaks about her own transformation and her vision for helping people live their dream.”

Vicki Dello Joio
Master Teacher of Chi Kung, Seasoned Theater Performer & Director, Speaker, and Consultant

“Lauren is an engaging speaker with a compelling story and valuable information to share. She connects with her audience in a warm authentic manner infused with an infectious laugh and great sense of humor. Clearly Lauren is  extremely bright, articulate, and her unabashed willingness to share her spiritual gifts of intuition and healing are invaluable. I felt inspired listening to Lauren speak, and I found the practical tips she shared to be useful and easy to implement immediately.”

Polly Lockman
Owner and Creative Director of Lockman Design