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Make Your Life a Purposeful, Passionate, Prosperous PlayGround!

destiny-designer-cover-for-book-launch-pageIn this luminary and practical PlayGuide, LaurenPerotti presents an energizing and enlightening method to inspire your hope and guide you to resurrect and activate your spiritual purpose, passion for life and personal power.

The Destiny Designer™ synthesizes wisdom and practices from chakra energy and light channels, nature’s elements, angelic guidance, creative arts processes, and symbolic and archetypal imagery. It also provides a practical and structured template for you to create your new LifePlay Plan.

With this multi-modal toolkit at your fingertips, you can tap infinite sources of energy, creativity and Light and easily design and manifest a life you LOVE.Ultimately, you will free your creative spirit and begin to experience more joy, freedom and harmony.

THAT is Pure Playful Prosperity beyond any success you’ve ever known.

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3. Angel Card Reading with Lauren. In this session, you can not only receive Divinely symbolic wisdom and answers to your specific life questions, but know and feel more deeply that you are not alone. I will send you a link to schedule your session!