About Lauren Perotti

Meet Your Chief Life and Financial Officer for Purpose and Prosperity

Welcome to a journey of profound transformation and discovery.

Lauren Perotti stands at the intersection of spiritual wisdom and strategic foresight, guiding visionaries and seekers, as well as business enterprises to align with their deepest intentions and highest aspirations.

A Modern-Day Guide with Timeless Wisdom

Lauren's approach is a blend of compassionate coaching and practical strategy, deeply influenced by her rich background in financial planning, strategic development, and the arts. Described by many as a modern-day Mary Poppins, Lauren brings a plethora of tools—creative, practical, and spiritual—to every interaction. These tools are not just methodologies but gateways to discovering your purpose, igniting your passions, and embracing your true power.


Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Having transformed her own life-threatening challenges into a life of service, Lauren is intimately familiar with the power of hope and the potential for renewal. Her personal journey has equipped her to guide others through similar transformations, ensuring that no matter the darkness, there is a path to light and rebirth.

Ignite Your Purpose, Passion, and Power

Lauren believes that everyone has the potential to create a life filled with meaning, balance, and joy. She often says, "I guide visionaries, spiritual seekers, and lovers of life to create lives they love." By igniting the fire of your purpose, passion, and power, Lauren helps you craft not just a living, but a life that is a true masterpiece—a life you adore in all its facets.

A Beacon of Light and Leadership

Lauren also consults organizations on developing vision and mission statements, setting strategic plans and goals, optimizing operating performance and financial reporting, and enhancing teamwork and communication.

At her core, Lauren is a LightWorker, dedicated to illuminating the path for others to find richness and fulfillment in every realm of their existence. Her mission is to help you unlock your potential and live a life aligned with your soul’s purpose.


Purpose and Prosperity Vision Statement: 

Envision a world where people are joyfully and consciously living spirit-centered lives, aligned with their unique essence and creative power. Through understanding their soul purpose and engaging deeply with their passions, individuals ignite the realms of their lives, shining their light and creating a brighter, more prosperous world for all.

And now it's your turn!

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Here's how we can work together:


Soul Purpose Hand Analysis

Discover more about your divine destiny through a unique blend of ancient palmistry and modern psychological insights.



Angel Readings

Connect with celestial guides to enhance your life in unexpected ways. No religious affiliation required to benefit from these divine messengers.


THE Course

Destiny Designer

Embark on an 8-week journey to align your life with your divine purpose, enhancing it with deeper meaning, passion, and freedom.




Receive personalized support to envision and manifest your dreams. Let Lauren guide you to unlock your highest potential.